Camping for 7!

I wrote this blog, saved the draft, went back to add photos and it was GONE.  SO, let me try this again!

My husband and I were campers when we were younger however we have never camped together or taken our children camping.  I enjoy a hotel with full amenities and a clean, chlorinated pool as I have gotten older.  However my gypsy soul has been speaking to me this summer and it is saying RETURN to NATURE! So, hence my impromptu camping trip to Wekiva RV Falls Resort in Sorrento Florida in the middle of tropical storm Alberto!

I was so excited to have the car packed up and all gear loaded with in an hour and a half of notifying the crew we were leaving on a spur of the moment camping trip! HUGE shout out to the campground for booking us same day, memorial day weekend, and meeting my request of close to bathroom and swimming area!

Checked in was only a few minutes and someone personally drove us to our site! No wandering around looking at the map! Their hospitality was truly top notch and I honestly can not gush enough about how personable it was, especially for a campground location.

My husband was still working so he was meeting us after so that left me and the troop to set up camp! Wekiva Falls RV resort has oversized lots and standard lots.  We had a standard lot with concrete pad, picnic table, electricity and water.  I was SO surprised at the size of the lots and we had plenty of room for our sleeping tents, shelter tent and 2 cars!  I also have to brag on this; Wekiva falls lets you have 2 tents on one site and up to 8 people on a site with out charging extra!  Plus you can have more than 1 car with out being charged an additional fee.  That is a steal for us because we have 7 people in our family! Typically we would need 2 campsites or be charged extra for each person.

We had the camp set up in about 45 mins and headed down to the “falls”.  Wekiva falls is an RV resort off of the river, and it is fed into a large lagoon with a giant pump waterfall, 2 water slides and a sand beach for the kids to dig around in.

If you are not a fresh water kind of person in the state of Florida-believe me it has taken me 6 years, you can always hit the pool that they have on site.

After a nice day we retreated for dinner.  There is no fire rings, pits or grills at the camp sites however you can walk just a little distance to a grill and sit at a picnic table.  We grilled chicken and apple sausages with a zucchini foil packet for dinner the first night!

I made sure to pack plenty of fresh foods to cook and for the kids to snack on to avoid trips to the on site store or the delicious smelling food truck on site!

Camping on the first night we laid the seats down in the back of the van for the 4 boys and our daughter camped with us.  Alberto was kicking up that evening and the rain was on and off into the morning.  When we woke up in the am it was really pouring and I was regretting doing this trip because in all the excitement I never checked the weather!

The 2nd day, we decided to not make breakfast and grab something in the town of Sorrento. On our way back the clouds lifted a little and rain cleared enough to brighten the day!

We splashed and played in the lagoon despite the weather however we decided the evening of the 2nd night to pack up because the storm was supposed to hit hard.  We were a little sad by this after a great day, but we didn’t want the kids “first” experience to be a cold, wet, rainy nightmare!

So, in essence we cheated the second night however we returned the next day which was “check out day”.  We were still able to enjoy the amenities and grabbed a prime Tiki table spot to enjoy the day! The SUN was in out and it was a beautiful day.

We grilled out burgers and hot dogs, and grabbed a quick ice treat from the little snow cone truck that is on site!  There was entertainment which was a DJ. He had fun little games for the kids and prizes and the music was a great addition to sing along to.

The weather held out for us until about 4:00 before it started pouring down rain. We packed up and decided to call our first camping trip a success despite the weather.

We didn’t have a chance to rent any kayaks, hit up the onsite bar and enjoy the Karaoke evenings or the food truck that is located near the bar but there is always next time!

We did frequent the restroom area and showers, there are 2, the ones towards the front near the lagoon are a little nicer but both are clean.

All in all we enjoyed our stay and intend to go back for Fathers day weekend!  I’ll have a little more time to plan that one out so I can give you some tips on how I pack, feed and entertain 5 kids.  We hope that you take this blog as an opportunity to take the plunge into the unkown or the uncomfortable and see what happens!  We made great memories and we can not wait to make some more this summer and share them with you! day 3camp siteelenavan sleeping

alberto not going away

brody iceeparentsdaddydrank no drink levelrj iceetrying to relax

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