Add another thing on the plate?

WELCOME! If you do not know me personally let me introduce myself!

My name is Laci and I am obnoxiously obsessed with my husband. I am fiercely protective of these humans inside of the 4 walls of our home. I have one other boy—not included in the title of this site but equally important; KNOX (aka the pup). We are a Christian family, we love the Lord (no we wont shove that down your throat) but you will see Christian content on the blog and biblical references from time to time.  This is not to “offend” anyone just to let you know ahead of time you may encounter it 🙂 .  I have been homeschooling my kids for 2 years now and WHAT A JOURNEY, honestly one of the best I have been on!

What should you take from this site/posts? I have no idea, honestly probably nothing HAHA! I AM kidding!  I hope that you will get a little laughter, a little bit of relief and maybe even a few Aaahaaa! moments. I don’t have a major plan but I intend to share how I juggle this busy life with my brood of 5 and maybe dare I say a few opinions of hot topics along the way! If anyone reading this knows me they know I always have a lot on my plate, so why not add another. Happy reading! 🙂

From my boisterous brood to yours,


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