Camping for 7!

I wrote this blog, saved the draft, went back to add photos and it was GONE.  SO, let me try this again! My husband and I were campers when we were younger however we have never camped together or taken our children camping.  I enjoy a hotel with full amenities and a clean, chlorinated pool […]

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OMG-She is SO FAT!

You maybe looking in the mirror right now reading this thinking back to the days that you were thin.  Pre-children you were in YOUR PRIME, right? You could wear those cute little cut offs and crop tops and rock the shit out of a skimpy body con dress. I was never with out a big […]

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An apology letter to my Husband.

I’ve been fortunate and unfortunate in my life in many things.  Most who know me would say I’ve been unfortunate in the sector of love, but I mean every heart break is a lesson…right? I try to think that I have utilized those loves of the past effectively. Trying to learn a thing or two […]

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Reducing the noise on Homeschooling

You have a predisposition about homeschooled children I know, I did too.  They are the social mishaps, the “weird” ones, the large Christian families. However, that is not the case and honestly, the thought process needs to get kicked to the curb! I homeschool my children, and they are the farthest thing from socially akward, […]

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Add another thing on the plate?

WELCOME! If you do not know me personally let me introduce myself! My name is Laci and I am obnoxiously obsessed with my husband. I am fiercely protective of these humans inside of the 4 walls of our home. I have one other boy—not included in the title of this site but equally important; KNOX […]

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